Monday, March 12, 2012

The Haiku Challenge 2012 Results

I'm happy to share the beautiful haiku written by my fellow challengers in The Haiku Challenge 2012 which has been compiled by the host Someone Is Special in this magazine. You can click on it to enlarge the view.

I've been lucky and I am honored to receive the Star Newbie Award.  It's unexpected and unbelievable.  All of my fellow challengers had been kind and supportive of me throughout the journey of the 29 days of haiku in the month of February.  It was an unforgettable experience of scratching my head trying to find ideas and inspiration every day on the given prompts in the form of a word/theme or image.  It was exciting and exhilarating, to say the least.

My Star Newbie Award!

I didn't know there are so many forms of haiku such as haibun, naisaiku, piku, haiga, the cascading form as well as acrostic haiku.  I've linked what I've written for the different formats of haiku and you can see them when you click on the highlighted words.  There are still some others that I have not learned.

There will be another haiku challenge in April, hosted by Haiku Heights.  If you're interested, please join in.  I'm thinking of joining it too instead of doing the A-Z of Blogging Challenge in April, as earlier planned.  I think writing haiku would be more fun.

I also wish to thank Princesa Fiona @ The Princess Passions, Marie @ A Diary of a heart in Transit, Sie @ A Life's Journey and Dana @ Dana's Diary for hanging around at my wordpress poetry blog to cheer me on every day during the challenge in February.  It feels like seeing an angel dropping in to give me a smile and a hug!  My love and gratitude to all of you.

At the end of it all --- this is what I feel --- the more I learn, the more I realize that I know nothing. 


  1. Oh wonderful! Congratulations!
    A wordpress blog!!! That too poetry themed. Why didn't I ever go there? I feel... :(

  2. weeeeeeeee..Ate Asni congratulations..oh you deserve it *hugs*..I love reading your haiku Ate and I did learn soooooooo much ;)

  3. Congratulations Asni! This is fabulous! And I have to say I really enjoyed following your Haiku Journey. I am definitely happy to see you'll be part of the next Haiku Challenge!
    In the meantime keep writing and inspiring us. Take care & Much love.

  4. Amazing!!! I wish I could receive that kind of award too...


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