Sunday, April 08, 2012

Day 7 - Blogging A-Z Challenge - Gardening

G ... for gardening.

Today, Sunday, is supposed to be an off day for the challenge but life took me away from the computer yesterday, so here it is now.

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening.  Plants seem to thrive when I put them in the soil so I guess I do have green fingers.  That has encouraged me to have a little mini garden outside my apartment.

As you know, in Singapore, not all of us are fortunate to be living in wide open spaces, big houses.  Most of us live in what we call "Housing & Development Board" apartments.  They are also known as public housing as they are subsidized by the government.  Perhaps, I'll write more about this in another post and include some photographs for you to see.

It is a joy to see little baby plants growing from the soil.  To know that you have helped it grow, to live.  I talk to my plants and tell them I love them, as often as I can.  I even smile at them when I walk pass them. Plants, too, need some love!

However, I notice only the leafy plants like my touch.  The flowering plants do not like me that much and just die off after a month or two.  Sad! :(

I'll post some photos here of my mini garden once I can find the wire attachment to download them from my camera to the computer.  

Till Monday, check out the other challengers here.


  1. Gardening is indeed an engaging hobby. Although there's an open space with trees and plants in the area where I live, still my mom keeps an exclusive terrace garden where she grows different kinds of flowers and even vegetables. Once we found a baseball size melon in one of the flower pots. It's unbelievable but it was real. We took pictures of it as a proof. We are fortunate to see such instances many a times when something unexpected grows out in the garden.

    Plants and trees are lovely creations of nature and I love to watch them endlessly.

    While I am still typing this comment I can hear the sound of rain. I think I will rush over and see the plants and trees getting soaked in the rain. That's one of my favorite hobbies. :)

    Lovely day to you Asni! I really l♥ve reading all that you present here.

  2. Thank you Sui for sharing your thoughts on this quiet weekend. I hope you had fun watching the plants and trees getting soaked in the rain and have a lovely day, despite the rain.

  3. I love gardening Ate Papa and plant vegetables like cabbage, potatoes and green beans before on our empty lot and my Papa has roses and anthuriums too..visiting you *hugs* ;0

  4. Gardening is so therapeutic, looking forward to seeing the images of your garden. Blessings, Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog


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