Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A land of a thousand minarets

a thousand minarets
glisten in the night sky ...
fragrance of shisha

One of the places I visited from 1-7 December 2012 was Cairo and Alexandria, in Egypt.   Egypt is situated mainly within Africa and  is also known as a land of a thousand minarets.

The city area is busy with traffic and there are no traffic lights.  However, the traffic flows normally and I see plenty of "giving way" by drivers to other drivers and to pedestrians crossing the roads.  I too experienced crossing the roads anywhere I like, just like any of the locals and the cars would slow down.  I think living in Cairo is stress free!

As Egypt is a desert area, the city is quite dusty.  But the people are warm-hearted and friendly.  Their women are beautiful and so are the men.   Not many can speak English in some of the shops that I went to!  There was this one instance when I asked for a mirror to see how the dress would look on me and I had to play a game of "charade" with the shop keeper to get him to take out a mirror!   But it was so much fun and we all had a good laugh (and good bargains).

a pharoah
far from the pyramids ...
peddling pens

Sadly, many of the mosques and places of interest that we visit, are many beggars.

peddlers and beggars
scrambling for a pound or two ...
the Nile flows

There was a small demonstration on the day we were to visit Tahrir Square so we didn't get to visit there this trip.

Much needs to be done here and let's hope that the new President, Mohamed Morsi will be able to bring it to Egypt.

This is a place I would like to come back again to, some day, if I have the chance.


  1. Lovely post Asni! Very thought provoking too. These photos remind me of my holiday to Egypt too. Visiting the Pyramids, the deserts with a horse and poor beggars was such an experience for me as well although I'm nearly like city sick, I dislikes cities, the people were warm. I felt sad seeing so many poor, let's hope, inshaAllah that Muhammad Morsi will change Egypt to the better :-) He seems to be a good man. Let's hope.

    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday!

    1. Hi Dana! Thank you for visiting. Despite all the dust and poverty, I enjoyed Egypt very much and would like to come back again some day. InsyAllah, Egypt will rise again.


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