Jackson Kiddard Quotes

Jackson Kiddard

It is very easy to be tricked by the circumstances of the present moment. But, remember that everything changes!  Life is an exercise not in adding, but in constantly letting go of what you know and who you think you are and to have the courage to become brand new.  When we fixate on the past, we welcome it into our present moment, which keeps the past alive.  When you give up the fight that is when you'll take flight! 

One of the most loving things you can do for another person is let them make their own mistakes, learn their own lessons and endure in the contrast of a life they don't really want.  People only really change when they've hit rock bottom - sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a person is to let them.  Permanent change comes from within, no one can give it to you.

Opportunities surround the one who does not judge a situation as good or bad but simply remains open, trusting and persistent in effort and approach.

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  1. thank you for having all these quotes on line as they are so inspirational and helpful in time of sadness
    Thank you, Patty

    1. It's my pleasure to compile them here because they inspire me too. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Glad you love them too. Enjoy! It's my pleasure to gather them here for me to refer to always and for all friends who visit this blog.

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